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Hi Community,

We have recently purchased the Dell K1000 and we are planning on using the Service Desk across our business.

I would like to be able to test and configure the application before deploying it on our live system

How would you reccomend we do this?
Ideally i would want to run the system using VMware and not ESXi as allocating 500GB disk space to a test enviroment is abit of overkill.

However am i right in thinking that we would only be able to install the 30day trial version and not the full K1000 using VMware?

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  • yes 30days unless they give you a vm license key. You can still apply the key to that vm box after the 30days to get a backup and transfer to the real box if needed.

    If you want to play on your real box, Do all your basic configurations and then create a full backup and save those files off the device. play away and when you are ready to go live restore from that backup and it will wipe out any thing you did to the box while testing.

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