After I image a T5500 with Kace it will not let me load the T5500 Video drivers all I see is a standard Video Driver from Windows any ideas?

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Answered 06/08/2012 by: dugullett
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If you are using windows 7 sysprep'd image a dirty trick you can try is place the video install directory on a windows share, attach to that share as a mid level task and copy that video directory to  c:\windows\inf.  name the video directory like t5500videodvrs place all the files that comes with the installer in that,


echo off

net use p: \\server\share password /user:domain\user

echo on

xcopy p:\t5500 c:\windows\inf /q /y

when a windows 7 image post syspreps it looks in the inf folder for drivers.  My admin master currenly will image to all 18 models of pcs/laptops we have without having to add a driver by any other method.  I created a folder under inf called tmccdrivers and created the models under that and put only the drivers I had to find for that model when casting to in our test lab.  I support gateways, dells, hp's and lenovo's from the same image

Answered 06/20/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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How are you loading them? Post install? Driver Feed?

What cmd line are you using?

Scripted, or system image?

Answered 05/31/2012 by: dugullett
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  • Driver Feed and its a system image
  • Are you using the driver feel work around? http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/driverfeed-workaround-for-k2000-v3-4

    I would verify that the driver exists in \\k2\drivers_postinstall.
  • With system image and driver feed they work on scripted install just not system image
  • Post the path to the drivers on your K2 for this model, and also post the results of model_report.exe.
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I have the same issue with Optiplex 390/790s, like the feed isn't working for that driver.  Installing the driver as a postinstall task works well.

Answered 05/31/2012 by: nheyne
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  • If you are deploying Windows 7, you should see a dism cmd windows open as a midlevel. If not, then your drivers aren't getting injected.
    What version of the k2 are you running? Are your paths set up correctly? If deploying an image you must use the workaround. If using the workaround run the model_report.exe on the machine in question to make sure the path is correct.

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  • Corey everything is correct, I can get the drivers to load on the computer when in safe mode only, once the driver is load and I restart and try to load again it fails and goes back to the Standard Driver. Yes I am using the work around and Using image if I use Scripted install all the drivers laod for the model with no problems at all. If i try and load the driver as a post install it errors out same as if i try to load it by hand. Seems the only way to install the Quadro Pro is by going into safe mode after I image it. now other Computers with different Video drivers work fine.
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