I have not updated yet, but I soon will. I was watching a video on the new user portal features. Can anyone tell me if no users are assigned to a machine what will happen? Will is just default to the machine that the user is on currently? Will they not be able to run an installer at all?

We have about 23,000+ users, and I'm not a big fan of assigning machines to each user.

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  • This is a very bad idea for companies who have users that jump from workstation to workstation... Especially for large implementations and devices that have configurations that shouldn't be changed by the users.

    Currently I have about 20 devices in my list for our test environment. It will be confusing for users.
    • I agree. That's why I was asking if it was forced during the upgrade. All of our users use multiple PCs throughout the day.
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Basically, if a user is the last person to sign into 5 different machines, all 5 should show up.

KACE will populate that dropdown list with any device record where the signed-in user is assigned.  The "Assignee Name" field is automatically populated with the same user record that is in the "Last User" field.

Unfortunately for us, prior to this update we assigned a certain set of scripts in our User Portal to our ServiceDesk so they could remote into user machines and pull down various scripts.  When this dropdown appeared they were only able to pull scripts to their own machine.  We had to open up the permissions to the Run Now page of the Scripting tab so they could still utilize scripts.
Answered 02/02/2017 by: eviegas
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  • So we use SSO on about 5,000+ of our machines. The machine is actually logging in to Windows using a generic user. SSO then will map the users drives, printers, etc. So if my thinking is correct, since basically every machine shows that generic user as the last logged in user it would show 5,000+ machines?
    • Based on what I've seen with our K1000, that's what I would bet, too.
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