We had been running USMT 4 with params "/targetWindows7 /localonly /c /efs:skip /r:4 /w:60" to switch users between Windows 7 machines.

We recently upgraded to USMT 5.0, and now 10.0 and I have two templates which both capture OK, but upon deployment to the new machine, fail.

Template 1, USMT10:

/localonly /c /efs:skip /r:4 /w:60

Template 2, USMT10:
/targetWindows7 /localonly /c /efs:skip /r:3 /w:60

Some reading indicates that I have to have that "/targetWindows7" flag in, or otherwise the scanstate won't work but what our traditional deployment method has been to log into K2000 from the target machine, create a folder (USMT) on C:\, and download the scanned userstate .MIG file to that USMT folder, and double-click it to launch Windows Easy Transfer and create the user profile. These are domain users, and when scanning, we are using our administrative domain accounts to run the scan from K2, which also works.

This deployment has always worked in the past. I do have an image that also deploys user states during imaging, but I don't see how it's going to work, if I cannot even manually do it as outlined above.

Now, however, I get the error that Windows Easy Transfer cannot open the file and I'm not sure where to go from here.

I'm not sure how to create a custom scanstate script. It looks like it's possible with XML, however I don't know XML (which is not the end of the world) but more importantly, I don't know where to begin with syntax for a ScanState argument.

Any suggestions?
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