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I am trying to find the best way of killing the above process as and when required.  I found these instructions below but when I run it the script either fails with the following error:

Running as SYSTEM
Couldn't kill process (fail) : kpatch.exe

or just sitting there saying the script is running.

kaptch.exe appears to be killed off but Kace does seem to update this on the patching schedule screen

Method 1 (Recommended) - Using the K1000 scripting module

  1. Click Scripting | Choose Action | Add New Item
  2. Give the script a name - Kill kpatch.exe
  3. Click Deploy to All machines. Specify only your Windows machines.
    1. Normally this wouldn't be a good practice, but since we want to make sure to get all machines in your environment, and do it quickly, this is OK.
  4. Under Policies or Job rules, click Add Task Section.
  5. Under On Success, click Add.
  6. In the Add New Step drop down, click Kill a Process.
  7. In the name box, type Kpatch.exe
  8. Save and run your script.

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