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I just attended KACE Boot Camp.   I highly recommend it to all.  Shout out to Veryl White and Mark Weathersbee for running a great class.  

Among the great things I learned about in the class were Device Actions.  This feature looks to save me a lot of time when it comes to troubleshooting once I get it working right.

One Device Action I would love to get working would be Dameware.  Meaning I bring up my inventory listing, look for the device i want then select the device action and clock Dameware to log into that device using Dameware.  

I found the command line argument for Dameware:

dwrcc.exe -c: -h: -m:(device name) -u:(username) -p:(password) -d:(domain) -o:6129 -a:2

My question is, what are the variable names from the K1000 to populate (device_name) , (username) and (password).  I want username and password to be the same as the one used to log into the K1000.

Many Thanks
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  • Glad you liked BootKamp.

    Try this:

    In Device Actions, name it Dameware by IP
    Action leave Custom
    Try command Line: dwrcc.exe -c: -m:KACE_HOST_IP

    This should connect you to the the Dameware console and take you directly to the device however you have the settings.

    Let me know how that works out.

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