We've been using the help desk portion of the K1000 server for about 3 months now and just today something strange happened. One of our technicians closed a work order. We have the server setup so that it auto sends the user an e-mail telling them the work ticket is closed but they can e-mail back to reopen the ticket. The ticket was created by a user who was off today and as soon as he closed the ticket we got a new ticket from the user every second. They all had the out of office message in the comment field. We stopped the flow of new tickets by logging into the users computer and turning off an auto reply rule she setup. By the time we were done we had about 900 tickets in the system. I believe the users auto reply was taken by the Kace server as an e-mail to reopen the ticket but I am not sure why it kept happening. Shouldn't it only open 1 ticket? Has anyone else run into this issue? We're running Microsoft Outlook/Exchange 2010.

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do you create new tickets when the helpdesk receives an email?

Answered 10/08/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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  • Yes. It is setup to create a new work ticket when a user e-mails the system.
  • that would do it. they send an Out-Of-Office, you create a ticket for that, they send a O-O-O reply to that one and the cycle begins.
  • If no one has any solutions/workaround, I would run this by KACE support - I'm sure it's not the first time this has come up. I would imagine/hope there would be some way to tweak the K1000 so if an email is received that contains "Out of Office" (or similar) in the body/subject it would be discarded.

  • this is what is on the site. kinda weak though.
  • I do agree the first point:

    "Any email program worth its salt should have a way to configure the out-of-office notification such that it only responds to a given recipient once. This prevents the loops."

    That being said, there should be a queue config option (ala "Accept email from unknown users") that allows filtering/quarantining of certain mail items (i.e. subject terms, etc) for further review before tickets are generated. *That* would solve the problem entirely.

  • Agreed, feature enhancement. We have Barracuda's that our mail flows thru so we can filter with that device.
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Because of the cycle of tickets not having the ticket number in the subject line, the KBOX thinks its a new ticket each time, responds, ooo comes in again...etc

I don't know if this can be done but can the KBOX email address be whitelisted as a address the out of office doesnt respond to?


Answered 10/08/2012 by: nshah
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