Each user record in KACE has several fields available to populate (username, phone number, budget code, etc.).  We have populated several of these, most importantly the "Location" field.  We have several locations and require reports based on those locations.

Using the Report Wizard, on step 2 where you choose the 'Fields to Display,'  when "User" is selected as a topic OR subtopic, the "Location" field does not appear as an option.  All other user fields are available to query/report upon.  


Anyone know why this is?  Is this on-purpose?  It seems bizarre that one field out of all of them is missing.  I know we can use SQL queries to query that field, but the Wizard is far easier for some to use to generate and edit reports.
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  • You will probably find that as very few people use the custom fields in the user table, Kace have not bothered to add it to the wizard.

    However, if you create the report with the wizard and then copy the report, you will then be able to add in the custom field from the user table that contains the location. It will be something like USER.CUSTOM_1 you may need to connect to your DB to find out the exact field
    • But custom fields are there. See my screenshot above.

      The 'location' field is a default, out-of-the-box field on all user records, yet it's strangely missing from the report wizard. Apparently this has been a known issue since at least version 5.5. Doesn't seem like a difficult fix, either.
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