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In v6.x of the K1000, the user download section was pretty open in that a domain user with User Console access could self-select to install any software title that was made available in the user download section.

I was struggling with getting this working yesterday but seem to have figured out that a user has to have a device assigned to them before they can actually download the software, or they get a red error bar telling the user the software has no details. I recall watching a Kace video yesterday about the new features available for the user download portal but honestly, I'd really just like to have this section relatively open to my domain users and the only restriction being that they have a domain account and permissions to the User Console.

Is there a way to operate Kace v7.x in this manner?


-- Ray
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The 7.0 User portal has 3 options in the user download section.

1) Download only (Does not require agent installed or device assignment)

2) Install (Requires agent installed and device assignment/selected)

3) Script (Requires agent installed and device assignment/selected)

The change in 7.0 was to make sure the Install or Script options were targeted to that users device.

Are your users logging in from a device with an Agent? 
Are they able to see their device as an selection in the menu?
Answered 03/18/2017 by: KevinG
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  • Let me preface this by pointing out that our user portal is not widely used, so I don't have an enormous obstacle right this second that I have to deal with.

    That said:

    Our domain users sign in from a machine with a Kace agent. However, how does a device get assigned to a user - is that a manual process or an automated process?

    I support a hospital where hundreds of clinicians and support staff could be signing onto any number of dozens of machines in the course of a day's work, but then get back to their office and want to install an offered piece of software there.

    Educating my base on how to log on and identify "their" computer is no small project, unfortunately, and until this update, I could just tell them "Login here, select your software, click install," and be done with it.

    I don't *really* worry about them installing software on a public machine but we've never associated specific machines with specific individuals, so now the scope of this is suddenly doubled - associating machines with "owners" and then educating them on how to identify their machines.
  • @KevinG where i use the "Download Only"?
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