I've got an image that I'm working on setting up to deploy via a USB flash drive. The image works great from USB for the most part. The problem I'm running into is that I don't seem to have a k2000_deployment_info.conf file. I use the info in that file (specifically the image name and date) to create registry entries which are then used as bread crumbs by my K1000 to deploy additional software to the imaged PC. When I deploy the image via USB, those breadcrumbs don't get created - the bread crumbs work fine when I deploy via PXE.

What I'm wondering is, does the deployment info file even generated by a USB deployement at all? If so, does it end up somewhere other than C:\KACE or C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE? If not, any recommendations on how to generate one manually?


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  • Were you able to find a resolution to this issue? I'm experiencing the same problem with the .conf file not being created, however I am deploying using PXE.
    • Unfortunately, no, I never found a good resolution to this. I just ended up having to edit the scripts that create those registry entries manually after creating the flash drive to include the image name.

      Your problem may be different. I know in some instances, the .conf file does get created in C:\KACE, but then doesn't get copied/moved to it's permanent location and gets deleted when kcleanup.exe runs and removes the C:\KACE folder. There was a script out there that someone has written to rectify that problem.
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