System tray is not appearing for Seiko Epson Install Navi WF-3520 Series 6.00. With source installation its appearing.


I tried to capture the difference, it’s doing some modification in %appdata%\ini file. But when I include those files/modify the ini file in the package it’s not working L


Thanks in advance for all your help!!

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  • Sounds like the installer launches something as part of the installation to add the notification area icon.
    I guess that will launch on each boot from either Startup or the registry - if you've captured that in your package it may just need a reboot and you probably haven't packaged the launch in your installer.

    If you missed it find out what it's running and from where and add into you package.
    MSConfig should give you a clue.

    if you still have issues please explain how you've created the package and with what tool and someone may be able to help you further.
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