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Updated to Kace Server Version: 7.1.149
Now LDAP replication stopped working. No longer properly pulls LDAP users from our Domain Controllers. 
Tried different search functions, tried different LDAP accounts. Tried everything under the sun.
Getting an odd error from one of our ldap tasks that usually pulls the user data (shown in photo). says we need to use the command (kbox_user) which we are trying to use.

Any suggestions?

please note, this WAS working before the update from 7.0

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  • for the test set an asterisk instead of the KBOX_USER variable to see all matching accounts.
  • No this did not work as the system asks for KBOX_USER to be in the field for advanced search, as the screenshot shows.
  • When using LDAP browser it only shows a max of 1000 users. Is this a limit of the system to pull user accounts too? Will I need to create multiple LDAP authentication maps for it to pull all the users in the company? Thanks

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