Hi Guys.

I have recently deployed my agents using the "windows group policy deployment tool".

Now there is a new  agent available for update.

Do I have to run the tool again with the new agent, or do I just copy the new agent

into the Netlogon file location where the old agent resides?

How do I update agents being deployed via the group policy created with this tool??

Thanks friends.

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  • Do you still have the old installer in the same location? If so, keep the old installer there. The agents are going to go back to the GPO location to try to uninstall the old agent before installing the new agent.

    To install the new agent, you want to upload the agent at the K1000 Settings>Provisioning>Update Agents. Upload the new agent bundle there and then you can enable the new agent and then you can deploy it to all agents or you can test it before deploying to all agents. Once you do that, the agents should update automatically when they check into the kbox.
  • Hi KACE_Irwin ,
    Your method is for automatically deploying agents with the inbuilt kbox provisioning tool. I just apply the new agent bundle in the kace to all machines and that's it.
    The thing is.... I am provisioning with the group policy building tool. Which is also provided by kace.
    I am worried that if I only use the inbuilt provisioning tool, group policy would still replace the new agent with the old one.
  • I want to know the procedure for updating the group policy itself.
    Do I just replace the agent exe file in the netlogon folder, with the new agent........
    OR do I have to build a new group policy again with the new agent.
    • If you do that, I would recommend keeping the old file since the old file will be used as part of the uninstaller.

      The new file will install it for new systems that don't have the Kace agent on it already.

      If the Kace agent is installed on the clients already, it's recommended to have the kbox update those clients.
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