We are attempting to uninstall Adobe Reader 8.0.1 or 8.1.1 from 250 workstations and install Adobe Reader 9.0.

We are running into the error message:

"Internal Error 2753.Updater.api_NON_OPT" when Adobe Reader 9.0 attempts to uninstall Reader 8.x

I have read most of the suggested solutions about renaming the updater.api file on the clients computer, adding registry tweaks etc but has anyone found a way to deploy this "uninstall procedure for Reader 8.X" globally throughtout an organization using Active Directory and Group Policy so that Adobe Reader 9 installs cleanly.

We are using Specops Deploy for our deployment (great tool by the way - highly recommend it).

Could we use msizap in a batch file - my concern is that if Adobe Reader 9.0 finds an updater.api from any other Adobe product - say Adobe Professional 7 8 or 9 the uninstall for the Adobe Reader 8 seems to fail with the updater.api_non_opt error message.

"MsiZap.Exe" T[WA!] {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-A81200000003} - this is the guid for Adobe Reader 8.x

Adobe products in the past have been very good to install - this updater.api issue is a mess - Adobe are you listening!

Thanks for any hints on how to do this "globally" throughtout an organization.

John Falloon
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this updater.api issue is a mess - Adobe are you listening! If they listened at all, they wouldn't be using this lash-up. They don't even monitor their own forum...
Answered 12/17/2008 by: VBScab
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I'm going to bump this because I'm having the same problem too.

The best posts on Adobe User Forums about the issue:

In all cases, running Windows Installer Cleanup and removing the old installation works. Some say to run msizap (with the correct product codes), and some say just to rename updater.api to updater.something.else.

What would be the best way to achieve this across all 1000 machines on the network? Can it be done from the new MSI?

Steve :)
Answered 04/15/2009 by: essdeeay
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Update: Trying to upgrade Reader 8 to Reader 9 using MSI.

Looking through the installer log, I see these entries:

[blockquote][font="courier new"]DEBUG: Error 2753: The File 'Updater.api_NON_OPT' is not marked for installation.
[font="courier new"]Internal Error 2753. Updater.api_NON_OPT
[font="courier new"]MSI (s) (E8:8C) [13:26:49:586]: Product: Adobe Reader 8 -- Internal Error 2753. Updater.api_NON_OPT
Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this saying that during the UNINSTALL of Reader 8, it's perhaps trying to remove a file that it doesn't have a record of installing? Can I simply add a CustomAction to remove the file (or files depending on various versions), even before the uninstall of the previous product is initiated?

If so, before which point in the InstallSequence do I need to do this?

Steve :)
Answered 04/17/2009 by: essdeeay
Senior Yellow Belt

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