I've been getting a ton of kernel log messages with "Unexpected sense: PD " on the K1000 for about a week in my security run output.  I've gotten 1 or 2 those messages before, but for the past week it's been over 200 a day.

Ahhh, it appears to coincide with my update from 6.0 to 6.2.109329 (the latest available). I'll file a support ticket.
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  • this sounds like smart errors, which means, one of your hard drives wants to die. File a ticket, with all informations
    It is not linked to your update
  • Thanks. I submitted a ticket this morning.
  • I started getting these after by upgrade to 6.2 also and submitted a ticket.
  • It may be a bad disk. I'm going run a diag tool provided by the tech and see what it finds.

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I talked to dell. It seems this is an issue relating to the RAID drivers. These errors are apparently more "cosmetic" as they have described them, and apparently shouldn't be terribly worried about. They said they are working on the issues, but gave no estimate as to when they thought the issues would be resolved. My guess is it's not any priority for them. While they may have said cosmetic, they still said make FTP backups on a continual basis (not very comforting if you ask me). I'm hoping that they start making this more of a priority.
Answered 05/06/2015 by: Drave
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