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I am trying to understand the functionality of a script at K1000.
I found these in the manual/help

The process flow of a task is a script similar to the following:
IF Verify THEN
ELSE IF Remediation THEN
    Remediation Success
    Remediation Failure

But, if I looking at the available steps for the "Remediation" part, there are no "verify" steps.
I can only do something, which is not correct as written in the manual, as a ELSE IF should check/verify something.

Also I can not run a batch script at the "Remediation Success/Failure" part, which makes absolutely no sense for me?!

Any else wondering about the script functionality?

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With KACE scripting the VERIFY is the initial test, without which the script will go straight to ON SUCCESS, for example does a directory exist, if yes then ON SUCCESS, if not then REMEDIATION. If there is no errors in the remediation step then the script will go to ON REMEDIATION SUCCESS, if not it will go to the failure path, there is no need of a second test it us just is there an error or not
Answered 08/20/2017 by: Hobbsy
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