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    I am very disappointed in the K1000 in terms of patching. It is taking in inordinate amount of time to patch nodes. I was instructed to upgrade the agent to version 5.5.30275 which i did as a test server. The single server is running Windows Server 2008. Here is the beginning and completion time which shows a start time of 10pm to completion at 1am in the morning.

Scheduled Task Status   
Schedule Schedule Last Run Machine Status Date Current Phase
2440 Test Machines 05/17/2014 19:44:06 05/18/2014 01:24:40 completed
2440 LAN Servers 05/16/2014 00:47:35 05/16/2014 00:55:29 completed


Can someone assist? Would setting up a replication share - separate from K1000 - improve performance? The replication share would run in the same network and simply be used to offload.




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  • As an FYI - the patching was performing OS and application patching. The total number of patches to the single machine was 112.
  • How is your patching schedule setup? Is it a detect and deploy schedule or do you have separate detect schedules and deploy schedules? If you are using a detect and deploy schedule then keep in mind that each patching cycle will involve:
    1. Detect patches
    2. Deploy patches
    3. Verify patches
    4. Reboot if necessary

    So if there are multiple reboots involved it will run through this entire cycle each time. KACE also seems to run the detect for every patch included in the patching schedule so it will detect for a much greater number of patches than might be needed by the machine.
    • Hi Chuck. I have seperate schedules each with detect and deploy. For example - i have a warehouse desktop schedule that consists of 23 machines. The schedule is a detect and deploy .
  • We have our K1000 download blacklist schedule from 7am to 3am next day which was out of box default. That may have something to do with it.

    However there are number of sweeping issues with K1000.

    1) the server took an inordinate amount of time to install a single patch to group of XP boxes. That patch was IE exploit patch.

    2) on clients within another domain (my company has two Windows domains) - the Kace agent service was stopped on reboot. Had to manually start up

    In my opinion - the K1000 is a really bad piece of software.
    • How many patches are you detecting in your labels? You mentioned earlier that the total number was 112. Did it patch 112 patches at that time?

      I would do a detect only with the same labels, and see the time difference. There's a few other things that could be playing a part. What is your check-in time and machine count? We have multiple domains as well with two Kace servers. Once is still on 5.5, and the other I've just updated to 6.0. I haven't had any problems patching.

      I also agree with Timi that if a patch is not downloaded the machine will just stay in a "downloading" phase, and will bump up your time.
  • Check the other patch settings in the control panel as well. If you set the settings to download only what was detected as missing, based on what you said above then you are only allowing the K1000 to download patches during a 4 hour window. This could also be why it is taking so long.
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