I need some Help, I have nearly 100 XPS 12 9Q33 ultrabooks on our way and I cant for the life of me get the latest XPS12 9Q33 ultrabooks to boot to the Kace via the StarTech usb to ethernet adapter that Dell recamends.  We have the first gen XPS 12 9q23 and it works perfectly, I use the same USB to ethernet adapter switch all the booting to legacy and turn secure boot off and it works perfectly, but i try the same thing for the latest XPS12 9q33 it doesnt work, i get the "Unable to mount Kbox share at" error.  I have the latest Driver for PE 3.0 and 4.0 and the latest Network drivers loaded, the PE boot images are all up to date, tried the password on the share trick etc and nothing works, I have a help desk ticket into Kace and currently in level 3 but no solution yet.

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  • What is different in the bio's between the 2 generations?
    (any thing like legacy vs uefi, secure boot)
  • None that I can tell, both are UEFI but can be switched to Legacy and secure boot is disabled, the 2nd gen xps is matched the exact same as the first gen in the bios but it wont boot to the kace.
    • are the ports usb 2.0 on the 1st gen 3.0 on the second gen? I had to add the usb 3.0 driver to my kbe for some lenovo's then the dongle would show.
  • I would assume the 2nd gen XPS would be using the latest USB 3.0 cause its haswell but that's a good idea, I will give that a shot.
  • USB 3.0 drivers are already on the PE Image
  • How far does the network load get? Are the drivers loading, is the dongle activating and getting an IP? Have you tried creating a boot stick and see if it connects that way?
  • Right when I pick the KBE type it starts booting into the winPE and network devices and after it says waiting for network devices to setting it fails to get a IP and I get a unable to mount. I will post a picture.
    • can you get the white main kace menu anyway or does it shutdown on you?

      If you can get the main menu go into recovery and open a command window, do ipconfig /all see if the nic even shows and just is not getting an ip. If you have no nic showing you need to look at the drivers. To help tshoot you can put them on a stick and load them manually with dvrload and then reinitialize the network to see if you get an IP. You can keep doing this till you get an ip and then you know you have the proper driver loaded.
      • it doesn't get to the main menu it fails trying to get to that main menu
  • weird it wont let me upload a image, says updating but then just stops.
  • Ok to tshoot this we need to get pe loaded. You can do this 2 ways, edit the kace boot or replace it. You will need a boot stick created from you KBE.
    on that stick you created we have two methods:
    1: edit the boot.wim on the stick and put an exit command in the startnet.cmd so you are left with a prompt when it fails.
    2. rename and replace the boot .wim file with the original from the WAIK/ADK x86/x64 directory located on your tech station.
  • are you doing this with windows8x64? and win 4.0x64 pe env.

    also what model of star tech dongle are you using?
    • Figured out the issue, worked with Kace support and they provided me with a newer Win PE 4.0 Driver pack that hasn't been posted yet. Thanks for all your help trying to resolve the issue.
      • thats where I was going with my last comment and would have found the files you needed to add. Glad they helped you
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