One of our Application Team members asked us a question that put us up against a wall.
It involves two queues: HospApps and AppSupport
It has become cumbersome, with the other queues and tickets they also have, to keep going back and forth between queues and they asked if we could forward/filter the AppSupport tickets to the HospApps queue.

I tried to do this by reconfiguring the AppSupport queue to use the Kbox email address for our HospApps queue, but got a notice that I could not do this, as that email address was already in use by HospApps.

If I can avoid simply deleting this queue and manually moving AppSupport related tickets over, I'd prefer to do that. The AppSupport queue identifies these tickets by design as separate from our day to day HelpDesk tickets for broken computers and such.

The question then becomes: is it possible to have two different queues dump each queue's tickets into one queue altogether?

-- Ray
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  • just one word: Custom Ticket Rules (I know, these are three words)
  • I'm not following why you have two different queues. It sounds like you only want one queue, so why not just have one queue?
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