Hello all,


I am looking to see if anyone else out there has come up with a way in the kbox to do the following:


1. Detect Network Card Settings with the KBox. (Link Speed, Network Card Sleep Dettings, DNS Settings, ETC.) 


2. Turn off the Network Card Sleep Features under the power management tab on an optiplex 390.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • For #1 try the script from here:
  • Thanks!
  • For #2 try this, but you may have to modify the script:
  • Thanks for the help flip, Worked like a charm, even found how to modify the vb so it works from the kbox.

    • would you mind sharing that please as I am going through this pain now ..
      • Hi Netpar, I will look that up for you and post it here asap.
  • Using the Spiceworks script nothing seems to happen, I double click and get nothing.
    Milb, is that all you had to do with the script, or did you make changes?
  • Well that turned out to be a fail for me I could not get it to work at all. Thanks anyways.
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