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I would like to be able to have a email sent to the user after they submit a ticket that has all the ticket details with-in the email. I used this the following link as my template from KACE support:


For the most part it worked great. I use the HD_TICKET.CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE1, which is the CUSTOM_2 field with-in Queue Customization page, but then when submit a test ticket with a test user, the email comes through, but it doesn't send the value that I selected. Would someone be willing to look at part my SQL Select?


 -- ticket fields 

    HD_TICKET.ID, -- $id 

    HD_TICKET.ID AS TICKNUM, -- $ticknum 

    HD_TICKET.TITLE, -- $title 

    DATE_FORMAT(HD_TICKET.CREATED,'%b %d %Y %I:%i:%s %p') AS CREATED, -- $created 

    DATE_FORMAT(HD_TICKET.MODIFIED,'%b %d %Y %I:%i:%s %p') AS MODIFIED, -- $modified 


 -- change fields

Then in my "Message Body" I call $VEHICLE

Dear $submitter_fname, a ticket was created in response to your web submission. Your submission was: 

Department: $category 

Comment: $comment 

Vehicle: $VEHICLE

The "Department:" Value comes through (IE: Athletics, High School, etc.) in the e-mail, but the "Vehicle:" value is just "$Vehicle" for all tickets. Any suggestions?

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Sorry I figured out the answer, with-in the body of the message, I needed to use lowercase letters when I called "$vehicle"
Answered 05/27/2016 by: smillage85
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