Similar to the top comment (under the long driver list) on this page, I can't seem to find a driver that will appease Optiplex 7040 when booting to KBE. It seems to be upset about a storage driver of some kind.

I've been through WinPE3, 4, 5, and 10, and also have downloaded network and storage and chipset drivers based directly off my seed unit's Service Tag. 

I'm really at a loss, unless I have a bad combination of drivers in \\kbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x64 that is confusing the matter (currently I have WinPE10 and a folder, Custom_Drivers, that contains the stuff I downloaded based off Service Tag), but I thought that didn't matter.

Has any managed to successfully build a KBE* for Optiplex 7040? *edited to add: 64 bit KBE
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  • You have to access the Samba share of the K2 and in the x86 and x64 folders delete that storage driver. Afterwards, you need to create a new KBE.
    • Thanks, see my answer below. My problem was that I was trying to use driver packs...ended up having to use drivers specifically and only for 7040 for this to work.
  • Also, have you recached and then rebuilt your KBE?
    • Yep, please see my answer below....managed to get it figured out. Thanks!
  • Hello, you can find on this link last drivers for KBE
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I ended up solving this problem -- I'll write it up in case it can help someone else. 

The solution is to build a KBE that is only for Optiplex 7040 using only drivers for 7040. 

Here are the steps I took to build a 64bit KBE for Optiplex 7040:

  1. Clear all contents (back up first if needed) from \\kbox\drivers\kbe_windows_64 folder.
  2. Use K2000 GUI to install 7040 drivers into your K2000 if you haven't already. (Library --> Driver Feed tab --> Select appropriate models and choose Download and Install Packages from dropdown menu.)
  3. In \\kbox\drivers\kbe_windows_64 folder create new folder -- I used the structure \customdrivers\7040\network and \storage.
  4. In these \network and \storage folders, paste the drivers found in  \\kbox\drivers_postinstall\dell\windows_7_x64\7040\network and \storage
  5. Recache drivers in K2000 GUI.
  6. Create KBE (naming it so that it is clear it's for 7040) as usual and test.

In our environment, I don't much care if we have more than one 64bit KBE to boot from, so I cannot offer advice on creating an omnibus 64bit KBE that will also work with 7040.

(What didn't work for me: Trying to use any of the WinPE packs to build the KBE...or using 7040-specific drivers *while the WinPE packs were still there*. That's where I wasted all my time. There must be Intel storage drivers within the WinPE packs that conflict, or the KBE picks the wrong one when being built? causing errors referencing iaStorA.sys and iaStorB.sys.)
Answered 04/16/2016 by: agibbons
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