I have a k2000 that I am trying to upload a custom KBE to including the CCTK.  When attempting to upload the KBE I am receiving an error. I have the CCTK installed and I am including the following command:

X:\CCTK\X86\cctk.exe bootorder --sequence=embnic,cdrom,hdd

The error message is:file not found - build_winpe4.bat.  
It appears that the build continues on but then comes up with an pop up window with nothing but the word "error" and no other details.

I have the latest version of the KBE manipulator and I have the latest version of  the K2000 media manager. I have tried re-installing the media manager and have followed the steps in the following KB article. Still no luck.  Anyone have any ideas?

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  • you want to use winpe 3 or 5 Microsoft does really support 4 any longer they will tell you to go to 5
  • I am using version 3 and I have tried for version 5. The manipulator doesn't give the option to use 4 which is really puzzling.
    • what version of the KBEM do you have?
  • The latest version. It doesn't show the version number that I can see but when I run the update checker it comes back with the message "There is no new version at this time"
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