I am having a difficult time getting Kace to perform a silent install using the latest Adobe Flash msi.  I have the dependency pointed at the correct file and "On Success" I have Launch $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\ with params msiexec /i flash_player_20.msi /qn.

I tried several different methods and at times, the Run Now Status would show a successful install but the software never actually installed on the PC.  I was able to get Kace scripts to work for version 16, but cannot seem to figure out this version.

Please assist.
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I'm not familiar with KACE scripts, but is the msiexec being called at all?
Add /L*vx c:\install.log (change the path to where you have permissions) and have a look to see why it is failing.

Answered 02/17/2016 by: Pressanykey
Red Belt

  • I was finally able to get this working, had to call the msiexec.exe prior to using parameters (I had it originally listed inside the parameters). After I added the msi to Kace dependencies, under "Verify" I wrote Launch “$(KACE_SYS_DIR)\msiexec.exe” with params “/i $(KACE_DEPENDENCY_DIR)\flash_player_20.msi /qn”

    This allows me to silently install the update without any further issues.
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I have historically deployed it as a Managed Install using a .bat file. I zip the .bat with the .msi and run a .bat file like this (I have not tried for version 20)

@echo off

WMIC product where "Name LIKE '%%Adobe Flash Player%%'" call uninstall /nointeractive

msiexec /i install_flash_player_18_active_x.msi /qn

Answered 02/17/2016 by: rockhead44
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  • Hi Rockhead,
    like I said I'm not familiar with KACE, but have you tried to add the logging switches like I suggested?
    Without this information I don't know if:
    1. Is the previous version being de-installed prior
    2. Is the version to be installed being called at all
    3. If the version to be installed is called, does it install (as far as the windows installer is concerned) successfully

    If you can provide this, then I can probably help more...


    Using the product code to de-install MSI's is much more reliable...
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