Hi there.
I have a transform that I created for an msi.
I am running the msi and mst as an entity
with the msiexec command and TRANSFORMS parameter.
I have done pre and post validation on the msi and
mst, both of which contained no errors. I am using adminstudio 6.
My problem is, i cannot get several constituent components of the msi
to install via the transform no matter what I do.
There are about 20 sub components of the msi.
I can only get about 15 of them to install if i select every component
via a response transform.
When I try using 'features' of the tuner section within adminstudio
i select EVERY component to be installed via 'install to the local drive'
option yet it still only installs the same 15 components. I cannot get
these 5 remaining components to install.
Has anybody any suggestions?
I am new to adminstudio.
I have looked at the INSTALLLEVEL option but im a little confused as to how this works.
I would really really appreciate any responses.
Thank you very much and kind regards.
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try using ADDLOCAL to install the features you want locally.
Answered 11/29/2006 by: aogilmor
Ninth Degree Black Belt

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Hi there.Thanks for the reply.
The ADDLOCAL=ALL option will work,
but im wondering (now) if there is a way to install only
a select number of features via tuner, not the msiexec command line?
In a nutshell, response transforms are not working for me in that it's only installing some
of the features im selecting through the UI.
Is there any common reasons as to why this might happen?
Many thanks for the help again,
Answered 11/30/2006 by: shamrock
Orange Belt

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Hi shamrock,
load your MSI into ORCA and apply the transform. Go and get a look at the 'FeatureComponents' table and check if all your additional components are listed there.
Check also the Feature table and make sure, that the Installlevel of the Feature which the components are associated with, is adequat.
Hope this helps,
Regards, Nick
Answered 11/30/2006 by: nheim
Tenth Degree Black Belt

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Hi there nick,
thanks for the reply.
I think the problem is slightly bigger than initially expected and I am approaching things the wrong way.
On the root of the installation cd there is an install.exe and an autorun.inf
There are 5 sub directories also.
Three of the subdirectories have an msi, an .ini file and a setup.exe EACH as well as some
other directories.
The application uses all 3 msi's. What would be handy would be if I could integrate
everything into the one msi. But the problem is that you shouldnt repackage an msi and
since my application has 3 msi's I dont know what I should do.
I should note that there are extra files such as pdfs, exe's, dll's etc within
directories on the cd. Im very new to this game and have been trying to make headway
with this for some weeks now.
If anyone could point me in the right direction,I would be eternally greatful. Im genuinely stuck and
dont know what else to do. :-S
Many thanks

Hopefully this will clarify, when I explore the cd, I have

ROOT --> Install.exe, autorun.inf, Directory1, Directory2, Directory3, Directory4, Directory5.

Directory1 -> msi 'A' & setup.exe & ini
Directory2 -> msi 'B' & setup.exe & ini
Directory3 -> msi 'C' & setup.exe & ini
Directory4 -> random files required for the application
Directory5 -> random files required for the application
Answered 11/30/2006 by: shamrock
Orange Belt

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Don't use ADDLOCAL="ALL"
List the features individually.
This is the word of MSFT.
Answered 11/30/2006 by: aogilmor
Ninth Degree Black Belt

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Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately I dont think the msi is going to work for me because I havent repackaged the application and it is still in the format
as described above. Basically, im just applying the transform to msi A and its not installing some of the components I want, which reside in msi B. Im not sure what approach to take. Im a little lost, mainly because there are 3 msi's.
Any advice?
Thanks again.
Kind regards.
Answered 12/01/2006 by: shamrock
Orange Belt

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Hi shamrock,
which app are we talking about, here?
Seems a little bit weird to me.
Regards, Nick
Answered 12/01/2006 by: nheim
Tenth Degree Black Belt

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I experienced that some msi files doent respond to the mst becouse they added properties that "take over" so i sovled it by adding there propertie value directly in to the NDS application that i created. we use ZenWorks to distribute oure packages.

Can be useful if youre mst doesn´t respont to the options u choose.

Answered 12/01/2006 by: KalleBaah
Senior Yellow Belt

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