Is it possible, in K1000 Management Appliance version 6.2, to find out when a change is made to the default ticket values?  Like, for example, for "Set Status To", the list of possible Status choices is customized to include a Status of "Waiting for Callback" which is given a "Stalled" value.  I've read the admin guide and seen where to go to "Settings, History... Subscriptions ... Settings ...", if you want to track changes to the K1000 system, but nothing there seems to correlate to customizing default ticket values.  Is it possible to track those types of changes?
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  • Do you mean that you want to track if the default values are changed in the configuration, or do you want to track when someone uses values other than the default values within a ticket?
  • The former. Although, now that you mention it, yeah, the latter one, too. Mostly I was wanting to know if another admin was tinkering around with the available options. More specifically, when you go to click on a status such as "Waiting on Callback" and that choice is no longer among the list of possible status choices, I want to know, when was it removed, and by whom.
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