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Toughest applications?

02/26/2013 3957 views

hai, this is raaju, i learned application packaging, , Actually i am puting 2+ years experience, so i should know the real time scenarios, but i dont know real time scenarios. and when i face the interview, first one they are asking toughest applicatiion. i dont know what should i tell to them. so, please could u tell me the one or two toughest application (need full details that means what your facing the problem and how resolved) please help to me

thank u

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Do you really have 2+ years experience in Application Packaging?

Answered 02/28/2013 by: jagadeish
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  • If so, tell them which is the toughest application according to you from your experience..

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;-)  If you have experience with repackaging, you should know what the pittfalls are and what makes a difference between Repackaging a simple application or complex application.

With 2 years , you should have known this by now?

Maybe the job you are applying for is for a Repackaging Specialist?

There is always the option to get Certfied: www.crtfy.com

Good luck

Answered 02/27/2013 by: jaybee96
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