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I am working on IBM Cognos TM1 9.5. There is an excel addin which installs to C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\bin\tm1p.xla".

After installing the application, addins reflect in admin but not in test user. I tried with the below script to add the addins for users but it corrupts the excel and i gives a error on launching the application excel shortcut.

On Error Resume Next 
Dim oXL
Dim oAddin
Set oXL = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set oAddin = oXL.AddIns.Add("C:\Program Files\Cognos\TM1\bin\tm1p.xla", True)
oAddin.Installed = True
Set oAddin = Nothing 
Set oXL = Nothing 

Is there any method to add the addins for all users.

I even tried to copy the .xla file to XLStart folder But it throws the ocx and dll error even after registering the both the file manually.

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If you're deploying the package automatically i.e. through SCCM/Radia/whatever, you'll be using the local System account. Add-ins get added on a per-user basis so the above will be adding it for that account. Not a lot of use.

You'll need to build a feature tree that can trigger self-healing. Search for John McFadyen's excellent blog about self-healing.

Additionally, the script above is very basic, with zero error-trapping and many assumptions about things like paths. Search AppDeploy for the Excel add-in script by 'Captain Planet'. It is pretty much bullet-proof.

Answered 01/28/2014 by: VBScab
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