My company just recently got the Kace 1000 system back in February. The task of creating ticket Queue's has fallen on me, which when I have to make ticket rules, I usually use the ticket rule SQL wizard since my knowledge of writing in SQL is pretty much non existent. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. My issue is that I need to make a ticket rule that changed the ticket owner to a User that was selected in a Custom field, after a checkbox in a 2nd custom field has been selected. The whole point of this was to create a work flow that would change to different owners as the project moved along (yes I know you can make work flows in Kace, but the boss didn't like it.) Any help would be appreciated.

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  • So to try and understand your requirements, you are trying to drive workflow of the ticket by selecting fields within the ticket correct? And you want to select an analyst value from a custom field drop down and also an action type tick box for the ticket rule to then fire and update the data according to the process, is that close??
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