I'm hoping this is essentially just a snippet of extra logic to add to my rule. As an example for this "question", I have a rule that automatically assigns priority to the ticket based on impact entered by the submitter. I want this rule to apply ONLY if the ticket is being submitted at that particular moment in time. I've tried setting my rule to "on ticket save" but I don't want changes done by our technician to be overrided by a rule that is stepping in too often.

Thanks in advance!
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  • With tickets you have to have an escape clause. You said based on impact the priority changes. well you could add impact plus ticket isn't owned by someone. So when a tech takes the ticket, it no longer meets the criteria of the rule and won't impact it any more.

    Hope that makes sense.
    • I would love if I could set it based on Status, but I'm currently setting up rules on the wizard side (I don't rock at SQL yet :P). In the wizard, I can set Status [operand] (blank). Not sure what to use for my operand and what to put in the blank to differentiate between statuses.
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  • You can uses status and Impact if you want. You can set the default status to be Opened and your rule would be Status is Opened and Impact is (whatever you want) and with that change the priority to High.

    Then your techs have to change the status to In progress or something you want that makes the ticket worked on by someone. That would prevent the rule from running as the status is not in an Opened value.
    • So I'm in 100% agreement with you here and would love to manage it this way. However I have yet to get status to yield the proper ticket results when I attempt to set it up through the wizard. I clearly don't know how to USE "status" from the wizard. Can you give me a sample? I don't even care what it is, just so long as I can get a grasp on "ok I need to use quotes" or "oh I need to use 'contains' instead of '='" or whatever
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This should work
Answered 04/27/2015 by: nshah
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