What is the best(easiest) ODBC compliant reporting program to use with the Kace helpdesk?

We don't have a SQL programmer on staff and all of us know just enough to be dangerous so I'm looking for something that has a wizard that can span tables and such without much programming.

Thank You

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  • I don't have much SQL experience either, but I haven't had any issues with just MySQL Workbench. It's not a wizard based product, but with the help of ITNinja and some extra googling it wasn't hard to create some complex reports that couldn't be achieved using the KACE wizard. It's at least worth a try. Just my 2 cents
  • YOu might want to try NaviCat for MySQL. It has a very clean interface and works well. It is a commercial one but try the MySQL workbench first before spending money. We use Navicat in house here and love it.

  • Yes MySQL Workbench or total simple Excel with an ODBC Connection. MySQL ODBC Driver can be downloaded here:

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