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Hello Folks,


Has anyone successfully attempted to thinapp Perceptive Imagenow 7.1.5 client?

When i capture the application on Windows 7 64 & 32  machines (Using thinapp 4.7.3/5.0/5.1/5.2) and attempt to run it on Win7x64 / Win7(x86) VM. The build was successful without any errors /warnings. I am getting an error msg while launching the application(Please have a look at screenshot).

Missing Import



I tried all possible way to resolve the issue, but it didn't give any results.

Possible ways like: import the .dll file and register the dll file ,etc.


Please let me know your thoughts on that.

Great appreciate for your time in advance..

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I haven't Thinapp'd... in yeaaaaaars.

Does the app work if you manually copy the file to the location? I google the dl and its like a VS lib file, so its not part of the software (might be redist). Another trick I try with dll errors is to add the file to the executable root of the package - the same place as the calling exe, as it looks there for dll first normally. 

Answered 11/13/2016 by: rileyz
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just to be on the safe side... do you:

1. Have any anti-virus running on the system
2. Have any anti-spyware or bitlocker (or similar) running on your system?
3. Did you try a dirty build and run?

1 & 2 can cause problems ( I had problems when Digital Guardian Security was running on the client).
You could also try adding this (ExternalDLLs=kernelbase.dll;kernel32.dll) to the ini file, or have a look on the ThinApp KB page for side-by-side errors and handling.

You should always do the point 3 as this will give you a good idea if the app will run virtualised at all. Personally I like ThinApp (over App-V) as it is much simpler to get "difficult" apps running without having to jump through hoops, unfortunately it is not always kept up to date...

Have you had a look to see what ProcMon is doing? Remember you can always set the "ProcessExternalNameBehavior" option to help trouble-shooting.

Answered 11/13/2016 by: Pressanykey
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