Any ideas how to resolve this error?

No problems reported, but I noticed a red bar across the top stating "The disk drive on the replication agent appears to be full". I'm not seeing anything that's low on space other than this message.

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  • This could mean it has a problem accessing the shared folder. Double check your settings on the Replication Schedule Detail (OS, Include Application Patches, Include Dell Updates, Destination Share, Download Share, Credentials, etc) Maybe even test the download share to make sure you have access to it. If you run into issues there, recheck your shares on the folder and maybe the credentials used to access it. Once all is confirmed good, reset the schedule time and it will rescan and inventory the remote share. See if that helps
  • When I see this, whether the drive is full or not, I disable the replication share, then re-enable it, and it goes away.
  • It went away after upgrading from 7.x to 8.1. Could be it was fixed as a result of something in the upgrade or because the services were stop and started during.

    Thanks for the help

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