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I only see icons in the Application Catalog for:  Rightfax 9.4 (x86) - AP and Rightfax 9.4 (x86) - EMEA


I chose to install the EMEA item.  The install went fine - no unexpected messages.  There is an inconsistency in the messages that come up.  One message comes up that says you need to reboot after everything has installed.  Then, in less than a minute, a different message comes up that says Rightfax is installed and ready for use.  Now, the user is left wondering if he misread the first note and, more importantly, whether a reboot is REALLY necessary.  The non-geeks will assume a reboot is not needed.


Upon reboot, I saw the Rightfax icon in the system tray - good.  I was able to immediately start FaxUtil and it correctly connected me to ABZEXRF1 without further prompting - good.  From Outlook, I constructed a Contact with just a Fax number.  I sent an email to that Contact and it worked as expected - good.  From FaxUtil, I sent myself faxes and correctly received them in Outlook - good.  Transmission messages were received in Outlook - good.


The installed Rightfax Printer does not work at all.

From MS Word I composed a short 1-page doc.  I clicked:  File/Print.  I chose to print to "Rightfax Fax Printer".  The screen returned to just displaying the Word doc.  It should have displayed a dialog box, prompting me for the name and fax number of the recipient(s).  I then opened the Devices & Printers container in the Control Panel.  I see something called "Rightfax Fax Printer" but I can see from its properties that it is not configured correctly at all.  For one thing, you're supposed to use an HPLJ3 or HPLJ4 printer driver.  Also, you're supposed to print to a port.  This definition is all messed up.

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I'd say here is a good place to start: http://faxsolutions.opentext.com/knowledge-centre.aspx

Going off of this link, it looks like you have to have a printer installed and then configure the fax printer (look for Manually create your RightFax Fax Printer): http://www.icts.uct.ac.za/modules.php?name=news&file=article&sid=2285

Answered 09/07/2012 by: jknox
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Looks like some reg keys are not added properly.. please do a gap capture using installrite or picture taker.. Should Definitely solve the issue

Answered 09/10/2012 by: hrs2cool
Black Belt

  • what is a gap capturre using installrite? can u be more specific? i am using install shield..will it solve problem?
  • Gap capture is a troubleshooting process where you would install your packaged application first , then run a first scan with installshield itself. then on top of it install the source of your application. run the second scan. Capture those changes and incorporate those in your application. basically you have to take a delta between your packaged app & the source.
  • so those changes i have to add into the registries?
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Can you describe how you packaged/setup the install?

I used the extracted MSI...

The installer has changed a bit since being bought out and can deffer if you are using exe or msi.


There are CAs that configure the printer and fax util, if properties aren't set issues can come up.

I recently packaged and used the following, if I remember right 9.4 is similar as well with these 2:



Can't recall what the EMEA thing you are talking about, my setup only included faxutil and printer, I disabled ERM, and outlook components (though that shouldn't matter too much).

Answered 09/10/2012 by: dandirk
Third Degree Green Belt

  • hi thanks for reply..can u please guide me how i can set up the properties? and i am using admin studio tool. please let me know thanks
  • Properties (specifically public, which are in all CAPS), can be applied to an msi (or even setup.exe in some cases) like a cmdline switch.

    Here is an example for Rightfax 9.4:

    msiexec.exe /i "RightFax Product Suite - Client.msi" /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress RUNBYRIGHTFAXSETUP=2 CONFIGUREFAXCTRL=1 ADDLOCAL="FaxUtil,FaxCtrl,EFM,Outlook" INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\RightFax" RFSERVERNAME=<myservername>

    I highly suggest you look up RightFax in the itninja app database and also look on opentext's site (vendor of rightfax). Opentext provides a pretty good installation guide pdf showing exactly how to deploy rightfax silently.
  • so in my server name how i can find that name? it is provided in prf or i have to ask them?
  • Chances are your company runs the server...
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