I have been doing tests of PXE over VPN (sonicwalls) and have been seeing EXTREMELY slow tftp performance via PXE(tftp). It took just about an hour to get in to a KBE gui. So that's roughly 1mbit/sec out of a 100mbit line. (I have verified near saturation with smb transfers through same link) Latency is ~10ms through link.

Anyone have suggestions on how I can cut this down? Doing a scripted install once inside the KBE shows 20-50mbit transfers which is to be expected.

I know people suggest using an RSA but some of the sites I have don't warrant having additional onsite hardware

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  • TFTP is finicky across more than a straight LAN line. RSA is definitely the way to go, and you can put it on an old computer that you hide in a data closet somewhere. Or have a USB stick with your KBE on it, if you have physical access to the machines. Not sure what your other options are in this case.
    • Currently I am looking at possibly using the USB stick with the KBE on it which may just be easier to maintain. But I am hoping to find some config to assist the PXE. I have read others with different TFTP systems able to modify various settings.
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