A few of our techs have recently told me they get kicked out of the K1000 during the day, and one said that every time he tries to log in, he gets an access denied message the first attempt, but the second attempt lets him in.  I have KACE open in two browsers all day every day, and I've never experienced this.

I haven't looked too far into the matter yet, but I was wondering if anyone had seen something similar.  I'll post an answer here if I find one. 

It's not the timeout; that's set to 4 hours, and they're actively working in the K1000.  
AD accounts are not locked out.
They didn't change their passwords; no stored passwords.
They're leaving the browser window open.
I think two are using IE and one is using Chrome.
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  • Are you on version 6.4.120261? If not I believe you are experiencing this bug "Login attempt may fail when user does not have permission to view dashboard. K1-18297" I had specific users having this problem and after upgrading to 6.4.120261 it went away.
    • We had this issue, too, and upgrading to 6.4 resolved that.
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What I found out was that the techs who were getting kicked out during the day were accessing the admin console through http://, not https://.  Once they started using https, the problem went away.
Answered 02/09/2016 by: ondrar
Purple Belt

  • I'll also point out that even if they did not get logged out of the K1000, sometimes they would get errors when they tried to save tickets or go to different pages when they were not using https.
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