Hello Guys,

When i try to run my scripted installation on my virtual machine it's gives me a task error.This is the error what he give task name is: install os- Error discription: The system Can't find the file specified.

please who can help me out?
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  • Can you provide more details about your task? What file you are trying to access, for instance?
  • I know what the problem is, the script is trying to find a setup.exe to install the OS but it don't have that. Its have a install.wim file. How can i change that to search for install.wim instead of setup.exe


    • an exe is an executable file while a wim is a form of a zip file. you cannot execute a wim
    • Again, more details about what you are trying to accomplish would be helpful. It sounds like you might be trying to install Windows via a script but I'm not sure.
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