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I've read through threads and threads in regards to this issue but I still can't seem to figure it out!

For some reason my post install tasks don't complete once my windows 7 sysprepped image has been deployed... Autologin has been activated and everything...


So once the image is deployed, restarts and goes through sysprep, it auto logs in, then NOTHING...

Is there any pre-reqs that are required in the unattend.xml file? Or is there anything that I'm missing?

In the KB environment it says that everythings been successfully completed.


In windows there is no C:\Kace folder, and in C:\Windows\Setup Only a "state" folder... Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Can you list your mid and post tasks? Start with only one post intstall. See if you can get that going.

Are you using WIM, or Kimage?

Do you have any "first logon commands" in your answer file that could be conflicting?

Answered 06/21/2012 by: dugullett
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since the c:\kace folder is missing could be a couple of things.  Kcleanup is working or the folder is not getting placed there.  One check you can do is do not tell the deployed image to automatically reboot and use the recovery on the main menu after you deploy to check to see if c:\kace and it's structure is there prior to rebooting.  I agree list your tasks to start.  I assume this is a single partition no 100 meg recovery.

Answered 06/21/2012 by: SMal.tmcc
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