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I have finally been able to create and successfully deploy an image for the first time today. Very excited over here, but I do have some questions to help me further clean up and automate the process.

I ran into a lot of trouble getting my local account created and working, largely a result of having to figure out that my admin password, which has an ampersand in it, needed to be formatted correctly. Up until then, I kept getting images where I could not log in to our admin account. This was an XML issue in how the character '&' is interpreted.

I am using the Kace Sysprep Creator, as I had more trouble with creating an unattend in WAIK.

First question: Built-in Administrator # of reboots

How many times do I need to set the built-in admin account to login? Something I've read indicates it depends on how many tasks I'm preforming that require a reboot and I'm assuming that if I set that number too low, I may end up with a failed image.

Is there a required minimum of times I should set it to?
Is there a guide or guidelines available as a resource?

Second question: Joining to a domain

The Sysprep Creator asks for your full domain name. As an example, our domain is division.organization.com.

I key that in for our domain and use a domain account specifically with permissions for joining a computer to the domain. It has uppercase, lowercase, and numbers to avoid the XML error I was having previously creating a local account.

It will not join the domain as entered into the Kace Sysprep Creator.

I also ran this as a post-installation task itself, and still no dice.

I'm using the format:

As provided by Kace: cscript join_domain.vbs <my domain> <admin user> <admin password> <primary dns IP (optional)>
          As edited by me: cscript join_domain.vbs division.organization.com domain_user domain_password (skipped DNS)

Is there something wrong with my syntax in this argument?

Thanks and looking forward to answer and information.

-- Ray

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I set the admin login really high in the answer file and when you join it to the domain change the autologon to a domain install user you use it resets the count at that time.

This blog is a little old but will still give you an idea


We do pre-create our machine names in ad for any new machines and the ones we reimage reuse the existing computer account in AD.  so a kace vbs works fine for us without modification.  The vbs script is looking for a domin name not a ou so it will most likely not work the way you are trying to do it.
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  • btw if you use the answer file to join the domain the joiners password is not encrypted