I already have a ticket open with KACE Support regarding this, but wanted to see if maybe someone else has come across this issue.  Symantec PGP was deployed in my environment and I have started seeing a weird issue. 

I have a hand full of machines (E6430, E6530) that the user has the DPI settings set at Medium - 125%.  These PC's have the KACE agent on them first and then Symantec PGP was installed. 

Once Symantec PGP was installed when they reboot their PC it changes the DPI setting to Smaller - 100% (default) and has the warning that logging off and back on will change it to medium.  I have already gone down the path with Symantec support and after slowly removing software one at a time it was discovered that the KACE agent (i've tried different versions) was the culprit.  If I remove case the system acts as expected, if I install KACE it shows the issue.

This happens only when the PC is docked and running multiple displays (two 24 inch monitors).

Anyone come across something like this before? 

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That seems odd.  There shouldn't be anything that the agent modifies directly that would change DPI settings.

I'd suggest you do the following, starting with a fresh image:

1. Install the KACE agent, then take a KaptureState.

2. Install Symantec PGP, then take an additional KaptureState.

This might show any changes that are made when PGP is installed. 

KaptureState and how to run it:  https://support.software.dell.com/kb/sol116144
Answered 08/07/2014 by: jknox
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  • Thanks for the info. I have already run the KaptureState on the PC. Uninstalling PGP isn't an option on the PC because of security policy. I captured after installing the KACE agent and after rebooting when the issue shows up. I have sent these logs to KACE Support.
    • did you ever get a solution to this? i am having a similar issue
      • I'd say to do the same thing that I suggested above and get the logs to KACE support for further analysis. I'd also suggest contacting Symantec and finding out if there is a trial for the encryption you are using so that support can try and duplicate your issue.
      • No the user has been busy and haven't gotten a change to schedule a time with them. KACE recommend the following.
        The only thing I'm finding so far that might be remotely related is a software issue with the Agent that affects the userinit Registry Key. This KB article is for a different issue, but I'd like to see if it has any impact on the problem, by disallowing the Kace Agent to overwrite this key. There are two methods of doing this outlined in the article.


        Regarding the Symantec Support they were less than helpful when it was discovered that removing the KACE agent resolved the issue.
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