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I'm a little rusty on the K1000.  It's been a few years since I regularly managed one.  Our organization just purchased it, and we're wanting to using it for both Servers and Workstations with orgs for each.  I am working on creating an org filter for the servers and not having much luck.

K1100 Server Version is 7.1.149
Agent version is 7.1.62

Testing LDAP Label Settings...
Testing anonymous connection to: redcanoecu.com on Port: 389
OK: Connection Successful.
OK: Setting Protocol Version 3 Successful.
OK: Setting LDAP REFERRALS Option 0 Successful.
OK: Search Bind using LDAP supplied credentials Successful.
Applying search filter [(&(objectCategory=Computer)(sAMAccountName=KMS))]
OK: LDAP search (with filter [(&(objectCategory=Computer)(sAMAccountName=KMS))]) Successful.
Error: LDAP search failed.  No entries found.
Error: LDAP Test Failed. Closing connection.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I get no entries found.  Could it be because there's a space in my Base DN?  Do I need some quotes around it for the space to be understood?

Also, when I click the "LDAP Browser" button I get redirected to the dashboard page of the Default Organization.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
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  • Thanks Jon_at_GLS!
    I tried dsquery and it didn't like it until I put quotes around it. I hadn't thought to try that until you mentioned it, so thanks!

    "OU=Member Servers,DC=mydomain,DC=com"

    Unfortunately for some reason my Org LDAP filter still doesn't sort servers to the servers org.
  • My advanced search was backwards. It should've been:


    Now I get a good test result, but I still don't see servers moving into the servers org.
  • Also, I figured out that quotes are not needed needed even with the space in my Base DN.
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It could be the space, so try enclosing it in quotes.  I use dsquery to ensure that I'm copying the DN correctly.

dsquery OU -name {omitted}

Answered 02/20/2018 by: Jon_at_GLS
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