Splitting Adobe CS5 into seperate parts

In the past we divided Adobe CS3 into several pieces and repacked those pieces separately. A list of some of the pieces (to explain it a little bit): Adobe Master Collection CS3, Adobe Anchor Service CS3, Adobe Update Manager CS3, ....

We skipped the CS4 release. Currently we try to do the same with the CS5 release as we did with the CS3 release. However most of the pieces are not in msi format anymore. Adobe Bridge for instance consists of two xml files, two zip files, two db files a customaction.data and media.sql file.

Is there a method to install each payload part separately? I tried to force this by supplying a --deploymentFile and --overrideFile at the command line of set-up.exe but it seems to be impossible to install a payload this way. Only the main parts can be installed separately this was including all required parts. Supplying the GUID of a non main part results in installing some basic parts but not the specified part.

Thanks for your support in advance,

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Posted by: Rheuvel 12 years ago
Brown Belt
Adobe will always be a pain, just when you got one version working a new one pops up and you can start all over again....

I haven't really figured out CS5 yet. Have you tried their customization tool? The one in CS4 had options to disable some middleware/payloads that were "optional". Maybe the Cou S5 tool can offer you what you want, or something close to it. There's some payloads that are required for every core component though (Bridge). I guess there's no way around including them in every single repacked app. However, as they're MSI's it shouldn't be of any real impact. As soon as it starts the Windows Installer will see it's installed already and abort/skip it, like the normal MSI behavior?

If you want to strip them as much as possible, this document may be of some use, it tell's you exactly what payloads/components are core and/or optional for which main product.
Posted by: martin99 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
That's exactly why we go from CS3 to CS5 and skipped CS4.

I've tried the customization tool which gives a msi as result but the payloads are still in there original format. Giving a very little bit more control because it's clear which parts belong to a certain program just as described in the Deployment Component Reference. But I don't know how to install a single piece instead of the program and the required parts. Indeed it's possible to turn some parts on and off in the customization tool but there is no full control option.

The generated msi itself contains redistributables and driver installations but no actual other payload parts.

Installing the msi after removing most of the payload directories fails so that's also not an option. Probably because the CALaunch custom action (call of runDeploymentManagerCA part of AdobeDeplomentManager.dll) fails.

Payloads that are required for all programs aren't a problem as long as we are able to split it into small pieces just like we did with CS3.

Company policy is to repackage all applications. There are some exceptions (Microsoft products) but we like to keep Adobe CS5 out of the exceptions.

Any suggestions?
Posted by: Rheuvel 12 years ago
Brown Belt
In that case... What's the actual reason for splitting the suite? (Besides the installation time and saved harddisk space if someone uses only one of the apps.)

When running a product like CS5 I think it's safe to assume you have decent hardware and the harddisk space isn't going to be a problem with a full install. Also the license for the suite is per-machine, not per app. So, whether only Photoshop is used or the whole suite doesn't make a difference either (license wise), for example.

My suggestion would be: Treat it as one and be done with it. Unless you have a lot -and I really mean A WHOLE LOT- spare time to figure it out.... (or a perfectly valid reason for splitting the suite)
Posted by: anonymous_9363 12 years ago
Red Belt
Unless you have <snip> or a perfectly valid reason for splitting the suiteYeh, you know, like a user whining that "all those menu items confuse me". But that never happens...
Posted by: harshakola 12 years ago
Orange Belt
i did adobe CS5 recently.What i did was just editedsetup.xml files with the stuff what its n't necessary say adobe bridge..just removed adobe bridge from my setup.xml and removed from my payload drivers it was working well for me.even when ur deploying file sat--deploymentFile use hybridinstalll file which is located in deploy folder or else it fails for vista machine.
Posted by: martin99 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
Rheuvel & VBScab: One reason is indeed fulfilling the requirements of the users. Time is not an issue when we know that we get what we want.

harshakola: Is it possible to supply your configuration file(s) to me? I tried to reproduce your description but removing payloads from the distribution point and changes to the config files result in installation failures. Your suggestion might be a method to make separate snapshots of all payloads. First install a program without a specific required payload, make first snapshot, install program again with the payload and make the second snapshot. It's the other way around but it might work.
Posted by: harshakola 12 years ago
Orange Belt
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <Setup version="">
- <Languages>
- <Media>
- <Volume>
<Name>Photoshop CS5</Name>
- <Payloads>
<Payload folder="AdobeAPE3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeAPE3_x64-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeCameraRaw6.0All">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeCameraRawProfile6.0All">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeCMaps3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeCMaps3_x64-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorCommonSetCMYK3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorCommonSetRGB3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorEU_ExtraSettings3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorEU_Recommended3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorJA_ExtraSettings3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorJA_Recommended3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorNA_ExtraSettings3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorNA_Recommended3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeColorPhotoshop3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeCSXSExtensions2-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeCSXSInfrastructure2-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeFontsRecommended-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeFontsRecommended_x64-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeFontsRequired-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeFontsRequired_x64-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeJRECS5-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeLinguisticsAll">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeLinguisticsAll_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeMiniBridge1-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeOutputModuleAll">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePDFL9.9-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePDFL9.9_x64-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePDFSettings10-ja_JP">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePDFSettings10-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePhotoshop12-Core">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePhotoshop12-Core_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePhotoshop12-Driver">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePhotoshop12-en_GB">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePhotoshop12-en_GB_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePhotoshop12-en_US">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePhotoshop12-en_US_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobePhotoshop12-Support">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeReviewPanel2-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeSuiteSharedConfiguration-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeTypeSupport10-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeTypeSupport10_x64-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeVideoProfilesCS3-mul">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeWinSoftLinguisticsPluginAll">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeWinSoftLinguisticsPluginAll_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="AdobeXMPPanelsAll">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="DeviceCentral3LP-en_GB">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="DeviceCentral3LP-en_US">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC80_ATL_x86">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC80_ATL_x86_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC80_CRT_x86_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC80_MFCLOC_x86">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC80_MFCLOC_x86_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC80_MFC_x86">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC80_MFC_x86_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC90_ATL_x86">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC90_ATL_x86_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC90_CRT_x86">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC90_CRT_x86_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC90_MFC_x86">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="Microsoft_VC90_MFC_x86_x64">Adobe CS5</Payload>
<Payload folder="SwitchBoard2.0All">Adobe CS5</Payload>
Posted by: harshakola 12 years ago
Orange Belt
Jus t try to edit the code as per the requirement. Compare the code with the std and edit u will be good enough with the package.
Posted by: anonymous_9363 12 years ago
Red Belt
You seem to have trouble reading so let's try this:

They're easy enough to add after the event: just use the 'Edit link.
Posted by: martin99 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
After struggling a while I've found another workaround. Open the Media_db.db file in the payloads directory with the SQLite Database Browser.
And edit the following tables:
- DependencyData
- Remove all records where type <> conflict
- PayloadData
- Remove all data between the dependencies tags where key = PayloadInfo

After these changes it's possible to install each feature using the normal setup GUI.
Posted by: praveenk 12 years ago
Orange Belt
Can someone help me with the link to download the customization tool for CS5?
Posted by: jak58 12 years ago
Yellow Belt
Hi Martin99 -

I saw your msg from 8/16/10 where you mentioned ways to edit the Media_db.db file. I've been able to remove the entries in the DependencyData table where type <> conflict using the SQLite Database Browser as you described.

I'm having problems with the 2nd part - in the PayloadData table, removing the data between dependencies tags where key = PayloadInfo.

There are a lot of lines where the key = PayloadInfo. Are there specific thngs I should be looking for? Am I just removing the values for the lines with that key? Or, is there a range or ranges of lines that have to be removed? Canyou provide a little more information?

I'm not a SQL user at all so this has been somewhat interesting....

Posted by: martin99 12 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
Remove all information between: "<Dependencies>" and "</Dependencies>" (which I referred to as dependencies tags) where key = PayloadInfo.

I'm also not a SQL expert so I used a trick to achieve the desired result:
- Export the database to a SQL file
- Edit the SQL file with Vi or Vim and execute the following command:
- :g/<Dependencies>.*<\/Dependencies>/s//<Dependencies><\/Dependencies>/g
- Import the SQL file in a new database (importing the file in the current database results in a error message) and rename the database after completion

Officially this method lacks the requirement key = PayloadInfo but it worked for me.
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