I have a source application whose shortcut launches in the package build but not in the test build. The difference between both the builds is antivirus software and java present in test build and Adminstudiion suite installed in the package build. Please suggest so that i can include in the package.It is a 32-bit application and vendor MSI.

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  • Admin Studio has its own pre-reqs, below is a list of what is in ARP on my clean AdminStudio box (other that Admin Studio)

    Microsoft ReportViewer 2010 Redistributable
    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Objects
    MSXML 4.0 SP2 Parser and SDK
    SQL Server System CLR Types

    I suspect your application may require one of those.

    Does the vendor source function correctly when installed on your Test Build? If it does then you've maybe missed something in your package.

    Install your MSI and then perform a 'Gap Capture' using your favourite light-weight snapshot tool (Picture Taker, InstallRite, InstallWatch, InControl, et al) installing the vendor setup over the top of your MSI - this should highlight anything missed in your package.
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