So I've been fighting this for a long time, tried multiple fixes, some came from SonicWALL support, others from forums like this. I'm absolutely stumped and have no idea what the problem is.

WAN GroupVPN is configured as Follows:


This works great, users are able to connect. Except when we reboot the SonicWALL....  Every time we reboot, User group for XAUTH users defaults to "--Select a user group--".  We go into the Wan GroupVPN and change it back to Trusted users, and everything works until the next reboot. We have tried the following to fix this:

  • Update Firmware
  • Exported settings, reset to factory defaults and imported settings
  • Recreated the WAN GroupVPN
  • Replaced the SonicWALL entirely, went from an NSA 2400 to an NSA 2600
  • Hired a professional organization to have a go at it
Every time it reboots, XAUTH group resets and we have to manually set it back to Trusted Users. Anyone have any ideas for me? I'm about to lose my mind at this point! Current Firmware is
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  • So that is actually the device you are rebooting?? on little home devices, you set the 'on a reboot keep custom setting' as opposed to the on reboot default to manufacturer options. I am sure that over simplifies that and your external company would have done that. I look forward to seeing the answer. Good luck
  • Yeah, it's an enterprise-class Firewall. Settings get backed up in multiple places. I actually just went to the latest firmware today. Problem still exists.
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