I am trying to install a 2004 piece of software.  It installs the software and a local Oracle database server.  The requirements are 'requires Service Pack 1 or higher on a Windows XP OS'.

  I am trying to install on 32 bit Windows 7.  I cannot see a reason why it wouldn't work on this OS.

There is a setup.exe and a MSI

So far I've hunted the MSI using Orca to try and find any 'conditions' that match the description but can't find one.  It must be hidden or coded but nothing matches the text string.  Anyone any ideas?



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  • Are you running the setup.exe to get the error, or the MSI?
    What if you just run the MSI?
    If it tells you that you must use the setup.exe, add ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 to you your msiexec command line to see if that helps.
  • Thank you that has gone half way to helping. The main software installed but it didn't invoke the installation for the Oracle database instance that is normally installed on XP. I can't workout from the 'Oracle' sub folder how to install it by hand.
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