I just installed the 5.5 server and agent on the K1000 (virtual) without any issues.  I have metering enabled on all machines and a few pieces of software.  However, when I go to the Software Catalog and choose a metered software, it says none of it is being used or has been used this this morning and I know it has been used.

Am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/TOrtYvs.png

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  • Hello,
    I am having this same issue however the necessary processes (kswmetersvc.exe and kinventory.exe) and KBOT ID's (KSWMetering, Upload KSWMeter, Upload SAM Catalog Data) are running on the machines. The metering icon blue and I have waited for 24 hrs. and machine check-in/update every 15 mins. It shows the machines listed in the metered software in the catalog but not when viewing the computer details, software, metered software list. So basically I don't see the correct metering results as indicated on pages 34-36 in the asset management guide.

    Let me know if any other info is needed , what to check and the next steps in troubleshooting/correcting the issue.

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Metering does not run instantaneously.  It takes some time to update.

That said, also try creating a new metering task and see if it works. If the new item does not, or the other meters don't update, submit a support ticket: http://www.kace.com/support/contact

Answered 09/03/2013 by: jknox
Red Belt

  • thanks for the quick reply, I will continue to monitor the meters and submit a ticket if needed.

    If it helps any, under a computer that is being metered and has software that is metered it says Metered Software (0) in the machine inventory.
  • Is the metering icon blue or grayed-out on the machine? Once put into a metering label the machine has to check in one last time before all is said and done...just a thought.
  • 5.5 Added a couple kbots for metering. You can hurry things along by installing and starting the service but it still takes time for the data to be collected.

    On my appliance they are by KBOT IDs:

    508 - Disable KSWMetering
    509 - Enable KSWMetering
    510 - Upload KSWMeter Data
    511 - Upload SAM Catalog Data

    But probably different KBOT IDs on different appliances as it seems that the upgrade used the next available ID sequence.

    Disable Metering:

    Task 1

    Verify that the file $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KSWMeterSvc.exe†exists.
    On Success
    Launch $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KSWMeterSvc.exe with params -uninstall.

    Enable Metering:

    Task 1

    Verify that the file $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KSWMeterSvc.exe exists.
    On Success
    Launch $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KSWMeterSvc.exe with params -install.
    Launch $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KSWMeterSvc.exe with params -start.

    Upload Metering Data:

    Task 1

    Verify that the file $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KSWMeterSvc.exe exists.
    On Success
    Launch $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KSWMeterSvc.exe with params -output=$(KACE_DATA_DIR)\metering_data.txt -lastReport=$(SAM_LAST_REPORT).
    Launch $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KCOPY with params $(KACE_DATA_DIR)\metering_data.txt $(KACE_SERVER_URL)/service/meter_data.php?KUID=$(KBOX_MACHINE_ID).

    Upload SAM Data:

    Task 1

    Verify that the file $(KACE_APP_DIR)\Inventory.exe exists.
    On Success
    Launch $(KACE_APP_DIR)\Inventory.exe with params -U -H -L $(KACE_DATA_DIR).
    Launch $(KACE_APP_DIR)\KCOPY with params $(KACE_DATA_DIR)\InventoryData.Software $(KACE_SERVER_URL)/service/sam_inventory.php?KUID=$(KBOX_MACHINE_ID)&VERSION=$(KACE_AGENT_VERSION).
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I checked it this morning and everything seems to be checking in and metering!

Answered 09/04/2013 by: areiner
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