I know that the software available under the "Software Library" tab can be restricted by user and machine labels, but is there a way to restrict it to users only logging in from a certain IP  address range? We have some software that is strictly for on-campus use and ideally we'd want it to be available for download only while the user is on campus (therefore our given IP). I realize we could just not provide said software through the user portal but we're trying to get the most out of the K1000 appliance. 

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You may want to try and use the KBOX K1000 Settings: Web server configuration 


then list the ip address(s) that can acces the Userui Allow list.


I would read the documentation so you understand those options as they can and have been misconfigured by people and are now locked out of the KBOX. 

if you are still not sure, you can always get support to open a tether line as you try it so just in case something goes wrong and you are locked out, they can get in and reset the settings. 

Answered 04/16/2013 by: nshah
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You could also create a smart label based on the IP address of that machine to limit software installs. Then you could create another smart label that would be your "off campus" label. Create an offline K-script that detects the presence of your software on the machine and removes it. The script will go into effect when the user is at home or away from campus, and when they're on campus it will install.

Answered 04/17/2013 by: GeekSoldier
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