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I'm playing around with the Software Library on the K1000 so that our users can login and manually update their software themselves. What we ideally want to do is restrict software by the machine OS they're using (ideally XP/7 32-bit, and XP/7 64-bit). I've created two machine smart labels for this, and can see that as machines check in they're added to the respective labels correctly.

The issue I'm having is with the portal - users are logging in and not being able to see the available software. I've double checked that the software in the library is added to the correct group (either 32bit or 64bit like mentioned before) under the 'Limit Access to user labels' section, and I've also checked 'Restrict by machine label'. When i login as a user on a machine that's checked in, there's no software available. When i remove the limit access to labels and restrict by machine label, then refresh the software library under the user login, all label software shows up. Am i missing something here?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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user labels and machine labels are different in the KBOX. If you used machine labels in the Limit Access to User labels section, that is probably why you could see it. no user maybe apart of your machine label. 

my understanding is that it is an "also" statement so the user must have a label that is assigned to them and also the machien they are logging in from must have one of the machine labels listed. 


joe -user label marketing

joe's computer - xp32

mary - user label account

mary's computer- xp64

If a software said users with the marketing label and machines with the xp32 could see it. Joe would see it , mary wouldnt. If joe goes to mary's machine and logs in as himself, he wouldn t see it because mary's computer is xp64 label even though joe is in marketing. 



Answered 03/14/2013 by: nshah
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If you checkmark the box make sure you are also adding the machine label (XP/7 32-bit, and XP/7 64-bit) that you want to see it. Checkmarking the box and not adding a machine label will cause this.

Answered 03/14/2013 by: dugullett
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Thanks for the replies! Managed to get it working, looks like the no user label was the issue!

Answered 03/17/2013 by: richarhila
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