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I am unable to get Snagit 11 to work on windows 7. Whenever i start Snagit.exe i get the "Unable to start SnagPriv.exe" error. The computer i'm installing it on is rather packed with GPOs and security measures, so i'm guessing they've got something to do with it, as i'm able to get it working on another computer, and running snagpriv as admin OR deactivating UAC fully gets it working. However deactivating either of those is out of the question, so what i'm wondering is if someone here has good knowledge of what exactly snagpriv.exe does and what it needs access to (read/write to folders/registry, start other processes etc), so that maybe i can give it access rights to what it needs, instead of deactivating all the security on the computer.

Any ideas?


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  • This guy has a solution for App-V and Window 7 http://www.harshmage.com/2011/04/techsmith-snagit/

    " It seems that there is an extra bit of code you can insert into the AppV OSD file to make Snagit work..."


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have you tries prcess monitor to check which access is denied and then you can give permission there.

Answered 01/31/2013 by: piyushnasa
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The latest fix by techsmith for snagpirv issue is posted here:


According to them this is the final fix and should work for everyone!

I tested on my machines and it worked fine.


Answered 04/16/2014 by: ninja17
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Answered 04/16/2014 by: ninja17
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I think SnagPriv.exe needs an internet connection when it's started the first time.

We get this error, when the user who starts SnagIt the first time, doesn't have internet access.

Answered 02/06/2013 by: SeeJay
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