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I am looking to create (or find) a report from the Kace SMA that will show me a system and the type of disk it has installed. We have a few non-SSD disks roaming and would like to be able to run a report that would allow us to identify them quickly.

I've reviewed existing reports to see if that information is in another report, but I do not see it. Any chance someone knows if that kind of information is stored and the table/field name to report it?

Thank you.

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Here is the relevant Powershell to get that information, you could easily make it a custom inventory rule if you needed and build a report based on that:

Get-WmiObject -Class MSFT_PhysicalDisk -Namespace root\Microsoft\Windows\Storage |
Select FriendlyName,
switch ($_.MediaType) {
3 {"HDD"}
4 {"SSD"}
Answered 05/24/2019 by: isudothings
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  • Thank you so much. I appreciate your assistance.

Unfortunately, the SMA doesn't capture the drive information needed to determine the type of disk in the computer. Here is the custom inventory rule that we use (similar to the command isudothings posted).

ShellCommandTextReturn(powershell -Command "$hash = @{0='Unknown'; 3='HDD'; 4='SSD'; 5='SCM'};Get-WmiObject -namespace root\Microsoft\Windows\Storage MSFT_PhysicalDisk | Select-Object DeviceID,Model,@{LABEL='DriveType';EXPRESSION={$hash.item([int]$_.MediaType)}}")

Answered 05/28/2019 by: chucksteel
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  • Thank you so much. I appreciate your assistance.